Boones Landing Physical Therapy, LLC was established in early 2018 and is owned by Rene'e and Jason James.  As long-standing residents of the Wilsonville area, Rene'e and Jason strive to have a positive impact on the health and wellness of Wilsonville and surrounding community by providing rehabilitation, pre-habilitation and patient-specific programming to return patients to their daily lives with less pain and less restriction. By providing services in a one-on-one environment and a patient-centered approach, we hope to provide care that exceeds patient expectations. 

Our Story

Both Rene'e and Jason moved to Oregon from the midwest with Rene'e from Minnesota and Jason from Michigan. They met while working in Nevada and moved to Oregon in 2008. The James' had thought about starting their own practice for quite some time with the idea becoming a reality in the spring of 2018. The result is a locally-owned and inspired clinic in the heart of Wilsonville. 

After having commuted for work together for the greater part of ten years, the James' decided to decrease time on the road and work closer to home and their family. The clinic name was inspired during one of the many returning commutes to Wilsonville.  Rene'e wanted a name that related historically to the town and after doing some research realized that Wilsonville was first established as Boones Landing in 1846.  Boones Landing Physical Therapy came to fruition and would not have done so without the encouragement and support of friends and family. In the fall of 2018 we will begin a joint venture in Wilsonville, OR.  We are happy to be partnering with our best friends and colleagues, Ben and Sara Wobker, owners of Lake Washington Physical Therapy.